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Asset Tracking

No more manually record the history, location, and status of your valuable assets. RFID asset tracking is a radio frequency technology that provides a simple way to track your tagged assets.

Many companies have already adopt the use of RFID asset tracking solutions that can help to track the company assets within a defined area. Asset tracking enables organizations to know exactly what assets they own, lease, or control, as well as how those assets are being used throughout their life cycles, from acquisition all the way through disposal.

Basic Functions of Vizilog Asset Tracking

VZ-Track provides new insights into the management of company assets, provides remote assets mangement back at desktop in office, provides increased assets’¬†visibility and management supervision

To search and successfully pick an item within a defined area can be difficult, especially when your asset is not stored in any sort of logically order. VZ- Track tells you the last known locaiton of the item you are looking for. With the use of RFID handheld reader, it enables you to search an asset using RFID technology instead of scanning every piece of asset.

Stock Take
VZ-Track helps you a better control and manage your assets that smooths the process of physical counting, and replenishment by scanning your tagged items.

Tag Pairing
VZ-Track tag pairing function enables user to pair the item and location easily than ever with just a few clicks.

Out and Return
VZ-Track facilitates inter-department asset movements by providing an OUT function which registers assets lending and an Return function for assets returning to company or department.

Summary Report
VZ-Track generates report as per your selected criteria, gives you a better idea of your asset status and location.