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Airport Application

XOPS Introduction

At the front of machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected vehicle technologies state-of-art, XOPS is a supervisory control platform for scheduling, real-time tracking and optimizing ground handling operations of airside ground support equipment (GSE), non-motorized equipment (NME) and unit load devices (ULD) in airport.

By providing a global supervisory control and data acquisition system, XOPS enables synchronization and optimization of all ground handling operations on the airside as below,

Groundhandling pic1

XOPS is a platform which can include Resource Management System optimization algorithms for advanced capacity calculations and related rostering.

FLIGHTS SCHEDULES PROCESSING – XOPS integrates its own ingestion of flights information system stream to process long-term, mid-term and short-term flights schedules to plan and update just-in-time all ground operation tasks related to the flights.

PLANNING – XOPS integrates its own planning manager and can be interfaced with all human resources (HR) system to download staff planning. So a ground handling operator with no RMS can create all operation tasks in XOPS directly according to its staff planning.

HUMAN RESOURCE – XOPS integrates its own staff manager to manage the list of employees with customizable profiles and properties.

EQUIPMENT – XOPS integrates its own equipment manager to manage the list of motorized